Mold In Bedroom Symptoms

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Mold In Bedroom Symptoms. Not only does mold develop in houses but it also develops in apartments. Although you may think that the skin can only become inflamed by direct contact with the mold, this isn’t always the case.

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Some molds such as black toxic mold (stachybotrys) can also cause toxic symptoms. Mold health issues are potentially harmful effects of molds (us usage; Mold spores can deposit on the lining of the nose and can reach the lungs to cause asthma.

There are many reasons you may develop a rash, and household mold exposure is one of them.

This mould can be green or black and often has a musty or mildew smell. Areas of your bedroom with minimal air movement , such as behind furniture and inside closets, are prime suspects for condensation and dampness. Mold appears on moist materials like wood and drywall as a thick, velvety layer on the surface of the material. In fact, it’s estimated that indoor pollutants, including toxic mold, are at a concentration of 2 to 5 times higher than that of the pollutants found outdoors and contributes to more than 50% of.